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Sabar Hill is a magical place: not only excellent wines are made here, but walking up the hillside, a unique panorama of the neighbouring mountains show up: the Tóti-, Gulács, St. George, Bács and the Csobánc Hill. Once you experince here the sunset together with a glass of delicious Sabar wine, or attend a cellar party, you will never forget.

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Badacsony terroir: century long tradition - Sabar team gives recommendations to visitors

What is so special about the terroir of Badacsony? Why is the local community so active and cohesive? What are the most important grape varieties? In the following interview Gábor Ádám, leader of Sabar Wine House and Bálint Földi winemaker will answer these questions, plus they give some personal recommendations for those visiting the magnificent wine region.
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10 great Christmas wine gifts

An amazing new release: Sabar Rhine Riesling 2016.
An absolutely new release wine from volcanic Badacsony region, from Hegyvölgy single vineyard. It has just been arrived, but several wine writers have already been enchanted by the wine, it seems to be a real hit this winter.
"Complex aromas with notes of Mediterranean citrus (grapefruit, orange, lime) with a hint of peach and rosemary. Beautiful balance of lively acids and residual sugar. Vibration, power and energy. Engaging wine with great potential."
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The best wine of the Nádasdy Historic Festival

The concept of the wine contest of the festival was that wines could enter from the regions which used to belong to the immense Nádasdy estates back in the 17th century. 39 wineries entered 91 wines, and Sabar Single Vineyard Olaszrizling proved the be the best white wine of the competition. Sabar Wine House, an ambitious, dynamically growing wine estate produces its volcanic wines here, in Badacsony region. Besides having hazelnut, citrus notes and white flowers on the nose, some neutral white flesh fruits are discovered as well. Well rounded on the palate with lovely acidity. Elegant wine with great potential.
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